Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Most often the only type of box that can make me smile from ear to ear is a small brown one, with a gold crest on the front, that unbuckles and greets you with soft pinks & flashes of glitz. However, when a large brown box was dragged onto my porch, the bright red letters gleaming "Maclaren" on the side, I felt my heart flutter. As soon as I could get my hands on that box, I did, & I tore it to pieces like a little girl on Christmas morning.

I prepared myself for what I figured would be at least a hour of assembly. I had a tumbler full of coffee at my side, & the sounds of Curious George in the background. Daycen was content, & baby sister was basking in the sun during her morning nap. Both completely happy. I yanked the stroller, pulled in certain spots, stepped once, & twice. Click. Click. Assembled! Boy, was a satisfied with my purchase because of just that. I grabbed the hood's for the seats, snapped in into place, & we were ready to go!

Yes! We were ready to go, except the weather outside wasn't quite ready for us! Flurries fell from the sky, & the wind was rather wild. We've been having extremely dreary days here, & there is more on it's way in the next couple days. So, taking our brand spanking new double stroller into freshly fallen snow is not something we plan on doing. Yet, little rides around the house definitely is in our near future!

The idea of riding next to his little sister, might be a slight challenge. We need to enforce the rule of keeping your hands & feet to yourself. I remember that one clearly as a child (with me & my brother there was a lot of screaming, kicking, hair pulling, & tattling going on!)

I'm also debating on investing in a footmuff for baby sister. Has anyone used one before to tell me if they are worth the money?


Ashley said...

they are such a great brand! We love our single stroller but the double looks amazing!!

pakosta said...

such cute pix!!

they look so snuggly and content and happy! how far apart in age are they?!

Brooke Leigh said...

Tara -
They are about two years & four months apart. I wanted them closer, but I am SO glad that they aren't. It's the perfect age difference to keep me on my toes, but not constantly running!

Alyssa Ashley said...

I didn't really understand the brown package with the gold crest thing.. but anyway glad you're liking your stroller. I hate ours. I want to sell it and get something else, I just don't know what yet. Carter really likes to ride in it and he likes to be out front, but it's SO heavy in front. I don't really want a side-by-side one because I always see people struggling with them to get through doors, especially when I worked at my mom's store because she's in an old building with a narrow door and people had to carry the strollers in sideways to get in. Plus then they were almost knocking stuff over anyway! Also, a lot of the pieces on the stroller just don't seem right. Like reclining the seat and pulling down the basket underneath, the pole things pull out and get off track and stuff. It's REALLY annoying. Maybe we just need a new one, not this used one. :\