Wednesday, March 9, 2011

HER FIRST ACTUAL BED {goodbye basket!}

A few nights ago my daughter graduated from the small moses basket that sat next to my bed (yes, for those of you who snicker when I say bed, I do mean mattress on the floor. I promise you, we will be purchasing a bed frame come the return of our taxes. And, yes. I made it through nine months of pregnancy, I can make it a couple more weeks!) to her very own crib! A crib that comes fully with a motion detector monitor & sweet pink bedding to be exact!

With the move to her room, also comes the bright yellow & purple walls that I told myself would have been painted before this transition. However, like most things, painting the walls came with a little set back. The two-toned walls need to be fixed, by two-toned I don't just mean colored - I mean textured & completely smooth. I have to decided weather we can fill in the smooth parts, or if the whole room (including ceilings) needs to be sandpapered. Sounds like an early spring, your entire weekend project, right? That's the tentative plan except if we keep getting all this snow, there will be no spring this year. Which means, there will be no scraping, painting, & sweating going on upstairs in baby sister's room.

Her first night went wonderful! For her anyways. I believe I was up every hour, peeking over the ledge of her crib to make sure she was still there. That she was still swaddled, & still in the center of the crib. I'm having a hard time trusting the monitor this time. I'm afraid it just won't reach my ears soon enough if something does happen. To be honest, I have always been this paranoid. Also, the fact that Baby sister can actually BREAK OUT of her swaddle, scares me to no end. Seriously, you'll put her in there wrapped tighter than a burrito at that authentic Mexican restaurant down the street, & by morning her arms will be flopping around like that same Mexican restaurant's flag on a windy afternoon.

I think she likes it a lot though, despite it's barely put together nature. I promise by mid-spring you'll see beautiful nursery pictures that'll make you wish you were under six months!

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pakosta said...

what a beautiful baby!

Alyssa Ashley said...

My boys have both liked their cribs better than a bassinet or anything else. I tried with both of them to have them sleep in my room and it just didn't happen. I think they're both just boob addicts and can't relax themselves in the room with me unless they're ON me, lol. Both boys can break out of the swaddle, too. I think it's because they've both been so BIG from birth and so they're also super strong. I've been looking into a few different types of swaddle blankets and one of them is the "Miracle Blanket". I've seen videos on it and it just seems like because it has an extra flap to tuck their arms in, it might hold them in better. I don't mean to brag, but I do one hell of a swaddle as tight as can be and they love it, but both boys have been so strong they can break out! Usually when Carter would or Wyatt does, he's crying anyway though so no need to worry about anything happening, I'm up to get him right away!