Thursday, March 3, 2011


Our mood today reflects the weather outside. It's cold, wild & unwanted, yet still very beautifully ironic because it can be melted at any moment. Both me & Daycen have woken up on the wrong side of the bed today, we've been at each other all morning. He is demanding. I am exhausted and fizzled out. I'm losing the battle & he's winning. (cups of milk surround him in the living room & Blue's Clues is blaring throughout the house. His socks are thrown carelessly on the floor, & his hair a tangled mess. I pretty much better just let him pick his own outfit for the day.)

Ripsi on the other hand, is a happy little girl (despite her slight constipation). She is in such a grand mood that she seems to glow, & to keep things lively, she continues to flash the monkey face at random moments to make me smile. Without her, we'd all crawl back into bed and start over tomorrow. Yet, she keeps reminding us that every day is something to embrace.

If you have a few extra moments today, put a smile on our face. Ripsi is in a photo contest her in our small town, with a fantastic prize! Just log onto Lindsey Marie Photography's blog & leave a comment voting for Ripsi! Be sure to vote for someone elses baby as well! Each person is to vote for two different babies otherwise the vote will not count. So, give us a little love & one of our competitors a little bit as well!

We'd be ever so grateful! We surely aren't doing so well in the contest as of current.

& Ripsi just doesn't understand why.


Jana said...

What a perfect day and what a sweetie.

lesley said...

ADORABLE!! Love those faces!!

thatgirlblogs said...

she looks cuddlicious!