Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Did you know it's 12 degrees outside?! That must mean spring is the way since we are in double digits again! The sun is shining brightly into our front windows, & we can see the water dripping off the icicles that hang from our gutters. Our double stroller arrived yesterday, & we are eager to give it a whirl. It is true... Spring Fever has returned to my small family.

It's returned in such a fashion that even our eggs are blooming! (yet, they don't smell quite as beautiful as those lilacs that grow in the alley of the three hundred block of first avenue.)

We had purchased one of these fancy egg molders to enhance our morning breakfast. (Seriously, who could resist a smile when a cute flower is set in front of you to gobble down?) It seemed to bring a whole lot of laughter & the constant confused question of, "egg? flower?"

I have yet to master the concept of molding anything in a scorching hot pan. I feel, we should have gone ahead and attempted scrambled eggs in the mold before attempting the art of flipping a flower shaped egg without smashing that yolk to pieces!

Practice makes perfect, right? Maybe next time we use our mold our flowers won't look so wilted. Either way though, mishapped or not, they sure were delicious! What a perfect way to begin our sunny Wednesday morning!


Janyne said...

very cute! my daughter would *love* these!

kim rakes said...

heart shaped pizza, flower shaped eggs! you don't miss a thing <3

Melissa said...