Friday, February 4, 2011


With Valentine's Day right around the corner (Holy Moly! Only TEN days to go!) we've finally started to get into the spirit. The other evening we stopped into Joanne Fabrics & purchased one of their premade craft kits. Each kit contained enough pieces to create three different owls. At first, our plan was to give these out with cards for Valentine's day, but realized the cost to ship the foam birds wasn't quite ideal. They've now become a part of our window display in the foyer - which is very sparse looking right now, but we plan on creating some more this weekend to make it look full.

Daycen is getting a lot better at his crafting skills. (I knew he took after me!) Instead of getting bored & frustrated with it right away, he'll work hard to try & complete the project.

He actually created two and a half of the owls til his little fingers started to get sticky & the hearts started sticking to his fingers. At this point, in his words, he was all done!


Megan Darling said...

Those are absolutely TOO cute! I seriously want to go by our JoAnn's and see if they have any here. Daycen is too precious, I love the 3rd picture ;*

tree said...

These are so adorable! i'm going to have to hit Joanne's and see if i can find them. My son loves owls. These are really cute! Thank you for sharing!

rebecca said...

SO cute Brooke! K, now I'm pouting that we are NOwhere near a Joanne's. ;) thanks for sharing!

tree said...

i wanted to share our owls with you!

i ended up not using a craft kit, but using felt we already had. Then i decided to sew thim into plush owls, because they were so adorable!!
We even took it a step further and made paper owl valentines using the same idea. Thank you so much for your post!! My kids LOVE the owls. :)