Monday, February 7, 2011


I put it down, representin' for my team
I'm in green and yellow
Green and yellow
Green and yellow
Green and yellow
-Lil Wayne

I'm not going to lie, the way my town is acting it's like yesterday was a new national holiday! I can't say I am a big football fan, but I sure am glad the Packers the 2011 Super Bowl Champions. My daughter however is probably going to be a huge football fan ... she literally sat in the corner of the couch cooing at the television the entire game.

Infact, it seemed as if she knew which team she was cheering for! She'd smile big & give a giggle when the Packers scored. Yet, when the Steelers did she'd make a disgusted face. I fear my daughter is a complete cheese head.

Daycen on the other hand, is a total hockey fan. He spent most of the game playing with his toys and watching the puppy bowl. He didn't pull any interest towards the game til we sat down to eat - from 4th on, he was hooked.

I hope everyone had a fun & safe time last night enjoying the Super Bowl - whether your team won or lost. If you didn't enjoy the game, I hope you enjoyed some quiet time since 75% of the general public was glued to the television.

Now, if only the Minnesota Wild would win the Stanley Cup this year.


Brandy said...

I love your blogs hun:) you seriously are an amazing writer and very inspirational:)

Leane said...

EEEE! Ripsi is going to be my new football buddy!! You guys can watch your hockey and me and the little lady will watch some pigskin.

I hope she cheered when our boys won. And yesterday was a holiday. One thats better than Christmas.