Friday, February 11, 2011


Every year around Valentine's Day I attempt to make heartshaped pancakes. I should have learned the previous year that making pancakes takes practice (which is why I should have been making them all year long, instead of thinking instantly, that come Valentine's Day, I'd be able to make perfect pancakes.)

This year, while browsing the festive isles filled with shades of red & pink, we came across sweet pink pancake mix with rich chocolate chips! I'm not a fan of chocolate, but the thought of pink heart pancakes made my heart flutter. Daycen, despite hating the color pink, was thrilled that he was able to stir the batter.

We heated our skillet, layered it with butter, & popped in our large size heart cookie cutter. (I understand, they actually make heart pancake molds at the craft store. I haven't quite broken down & gotten them. I figure, what's a couple more years of burning the tips of my fingers on a scorching hot cookie cutter?) So, after the heart is filled with a thin layer of batter - I wait until the batter begins to bubble before pulling the mold out. Keep in mind, pancake batter is sticky! I recommend cutting around the heart first, so it's a quick grab & pull. That little metal cutter is hotter than my straight iorn! (and it's a Paul Mitchell Professional!)

Still looks good right? The perfect heart!

Until the flip, of course. I'm a terrible pancake flipper. The batter literally goes flying & my heart becomes rather misshaped. Perfection isn't our strong suit, take LAST YEAR for example.

They tasted delicious though! (except a little powdered sugar or syrup would have enhanced it dearly.) Daycen thought he was cooler than the snow outside because he was indulging in pancakes - not just any old pancakes though. Pink ones.

USER WARNING; please eat your pancakes quickly. If your two-year-old finishes well before you, you could end up with a semi stuck in your pancakes.

and semi's sure don't taste good.


Anonymous said...

This is a great idea! I wish I ate pancakes.

Deanna said...

we made these pancakes last weekend. :)