Thursday, February 10, 2011


I've been working A LOT this week. It'll be 48 hours to be exact by the end of the weekend. I'm thrilled that my jobs actually have hours to give, but at the same time I am disappointed because I really don't get to spend much time with my children (except the early part of the day & the wee late hours in the night when they don't feel like laying down for a good nights sleep.) I do know that when there is hours available, you take them when you can gets your hands on them! So, this week. I'll work a lot. Next week, I will make it up to them.

I sometimes wonder if they even realize how long I am away from them. Or if because they are literally joined to my hip when I am with them it doesn't phase them to get away from me for a bit. (Currently, Ripsi is bouncing on my lap & Daycen is sitting next to me munching on cheese flavored pretzel twists. I'll be honest, it smells like cheese & spit up formula right now. If I didn't have to work in a hour, I'd brew up another pot of coffee to mask the smell.)

I'll make some good money this week. It's cold outside, so honestly there isn't much else to do. I'll be able to buy the kids the double stroller they want, as well as perhaps some outdoor toys. That way, when the weather finally decides to turn nice we'll have plenty to keep us entertained!

I know they don't understand the concept of work. I'm just thrilled they are happy to see me after a long day of visual merchandising & customer service. I look forward at the end of my shift to sliding in the front seat of my husband's Saturn, & hearing my son chime, "HI MOM!" from the backseat.

"Hi Daycen. I missed you & your sister. I can't wait to go home and snuggle." Is my common response.


emily anderson said...
that first picture makes me want another baby. asap.

seriously, so cute!

Heidi said...

So cute! love all the detail in the pictures ... snuggles are the best

Mom2One said...

Precious photographs. I'm quite sure your children appreciate your hard work.