Friday, February 18, 2011


This weekend our little family is invited to a pool party at a local hotel for a little boy named Jaxon. (Who is turning three by the way! Congrats!) Most of the items swimwear items that I had purchased for Ripsi are in the size up (thankfully last year I insisted on picking up a 3-6 swimsuit because it was just too cute to pass-by.) However, that is ALL she has! A couple days ago I ran across a really old return for a boys swim coverall. It was on clearance for a whopping $2.97!

I brought it home with me that night & compared all my fabric remnants to it til I found the perfect shade of green to match with it. I cut about an inch & a half stripe of fabric. Fold the stripe completely in half & loosely stitch it together. As you pull your tread, you'll get stripe will crinkle up & you can adjust the ruffles to your liking. The tighter your thread is pulled the fuller your ruffles will be. (It is a lot quicker if you use the gathering function on your sewing machine. I, however, find it easier to make the perfect ruffles by hand.)

Once your ruffle strand is completely to your liking, you can pin it inside the hood of the garment.

It should now look similar to the pictures above.

At this point, you can bring out your trusty sewing machine! Sew along the edge of the ruffle you created, removing the pins slowly as you go. Once a pin is removed, you'll need to re-adjust the small section to ensure it stayed lined up.

Simple as that & you're done! I just added a couple flowers to the front to give it a little more of a feminine touch. Next, just add baby & you are ready for a day on the beach! (or in our case, next to the pool!)


Deanna said...

that's too cute! great job mama!

i love it when little girls wear colors other than pink and purple. :)

Katie said...

Ooh goodness too cute! (Both the baby and the added ruffles!)