Monday, February 21, 2011


Dear groundhog,
Thanks for lying to us about Spring being on it's way.
a cold angry little family

It's been snowing for the past twenty-four hours, actually let me rephrase that - we are stuck in the middle of a blizzard. (and not one of those delicious ones from Dairy Queen.) As of midnight they measured the snow fall at a record of 8.7 inches - I don't even want to guess where it is at currently since it hasn't really slowed down.

I guess we are snowed in this morning. It might be a good time to try and catch up on all the things we have been neglecting last week since the weather was so wonderful...

Things like the laundry.

I think each kid has at least two loads. My clothing pile is overwhelming, I'm sure if I gathered it into a pile it would reach my waist, or higher. We haven't one clean towel in the house (except if you could the ones in the dryer currently.)

Perhaps the dishes will require some attention this afternoon as well. The dishwasher is full & ready to go. As well as the pots & pan ready for a bubble bath in the sink. Yet, I'm less than thrilled to accomplish this task - despite our new hot water heater, it still seems to take forever for our water to heat up. (Just ask Ripsi when it's time for a bottle. She'll tell you with tears in the corner of her eyes that it takes an eternity.)

Speaking of Aripsemae...

Maybe I will just take her lead and enjoy this as a day to snuggle.

Whether I decide to do house work, or snuggle - I just cross my fingers this snow storm passes soon. We were just about to lock away our trusty boots for some open-toe shoes!

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1 comment:

Alyssa Ashley said...

Yeah me and the groundhog aren't friends right now either! Though he's got until March to make it up to me. I think we've got like a foot here. It was scary yesterday driving home from my hair appointment. And today they had to plow the parking lot so I needed to move our car but luckily someone from the management was willing to move it for me. Very nice of her because I didn't know what to do with the boys and I had to move it out to the main street which is a ways from our building. I should really do laundry and clean our house too. There's just crap everywhere around here and I never get time to pick it up. Even as I type this Wyatt is on my boob. I think it's gonna be a few more weeks before I get into a routine and can keep up. :\

Love those boots. I really want a new pair of Uggs or Emu boots but I can't afford them!