Wednesday, February 9, 2011

THE NINTH {today, last year.}

I've always been a firm believer of remembering what's happened in the past; keeping it close to your heart so you can live by it, learn from it, & love it all over again in the future years. My kids are growing up and there is no stopping that. I am growing older, & despite the miracle creams that are invented, in reality, there is no stopping that either. Each year, we add new things to our plate - we are eager to experience each & every little thing we can get our hands on.

but, I never forget the past.

The good, the bad. Doesn't matter. I carry it with me. It is me.

A year ago today, this picture was captured with the EOS Canon Rebel XT (the bestest friend a girl in my stature could have.) Daycen had shorter hair (very badly cut, may I assure you. We had gotten kicked out of cost cutters when we tried to trim it) & was teething. We sat home, basking in the sun that shown through the front windows. A perfect February the ninth by any means. This year, we are enjoying garden salads, toy trucks, & the sound of baby sister's swing. I couldn't ask for a better memory & a better present day.

What were you doing - today, last year?

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