Tuesday, February 8, 2011

AND IT STARTS. {spring fever}

Today is a beautiful day! Yes, I understand it's zero degrees outside, but, oh goodness, the sun that comes through our large windows warms up even our cold laminate floorings! I can feel spring right around the corner & I am filled with excitement. I cannot wait to be able to take the kids outside - Ripsi has yet to enjoy the benefits of the great outdoors. In fact, I was a click away from ordering a double stroller this morning for the children, but I resisted. There still is plenty of snow that needs to melt before we could get ANY use out of it!

Anyways, it feels like spring today.

It could just be the pastel pinks, the BIG flowers, & the yellow hue that flutters through the skylight that encourages this feeling. Perhaps, it's the vision of bright colors & shorts that is engraved in my brain for the past few days of work. You know, it could have been because this morning me & Ripsi cuddled under the heating blanket & arose from bed with flushed cheeks - the same feeling that occurs when you bake on the front porch for too long.

Either way, I feel great! I am counting down the hours until Spring actually arrives. Goodbye cozy slippers, Hello dirt stained feet!

There is SO many new things to experience this year with the coming of spring. It'll be Aripsemae's first as well as our first one in the new house. I think I'll learn to garden, or perhaps take up knitting on the front porch while the kids break in our new yard. I have lots of painting projects ahead (I sure hope I can convince the homeowners next door to let me paint my side of their fence, or replace it. HELLO! Does anyone else see it toppling over?!)

Spring, if you can hear me, please come quickly. We can't wait to meet you.


kim rakes said...

beautiful pictures! i adore all the pink <3

Megan Darling said...

I too am so excited for spring to get here! I can't wait to be able to take Tallulah outside for more than the 10 second trip to the car ;D

Oh my goodness, she's getting so big! Love all the pictures but the last one is my favorite, love her eyelashes ;*