Friday, February 25, 2011


I ran into a bit of advice the other day that has been literally glued to the back of my mind. I can still hear his words vibrating in my ear drums. "If there is something you really WANT, you need to get out there and take it." By taking it, he doesn't mean stealing it or undeservingly falling into it. He means working hard for it, striving for it, taking every rung of that ladder no matter how difficult it shall be or how many people try to tear you down.

Those ahead of you will bash you. Will laugh in your face. Try and get you to back down; to fail. However, it isn't because you can't do it, it is because they don't WANT you to do it. For if you do succeed, you are taking from their business. You are taking what they have, and in turn, making them work harder.

His advice sticks with me, because I know it is true. Years ago, he was just like me. He had dreams & passions that he wanted to reach. (That now, he successfully has.) Even though our goals are not the same, we thread the same line. We both have the drive to break out of the way this economy is unequally structured.

My excuse for standing still was the money. I don't have this, or I don't have that. He just smiled and assured me, money comes and goes. You don't need the fancy stuff to start with, you just need your name out there and everything will slowly begin to fall into place.

I've wanted this for so long. It's about time I listen to my heart.

The pictures scattered throughout this post our Ripsi's three month photographs. That's right! Baby sister is officially three months as of yesterday. Can you believe it? I hardly can. She is more beautiful as every day passes, I'm on lucky girl to be able to call her mine.


Lindsey said...

These pictures are so precious. I can't believe she is 3 months already!

Short Leg Lucy said...

She is a beauty!!! Found you on Top Baby Blogs! Cute blog!!