Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Naomi is a firm believer that headbands should not exist. During a recent play date, Aripsimae tried on her new headband, the second it was around her head you could hear a wail come from her older cousin. STOMP. STOMP. STOMP. She stood in front of Ripsi, her arm outstretched trying to rip the elastic off her head.

Baby Ripsi was confused. She loves her headbands. (at least at this current point in her life.)

I'm not going to lie, Daycen even tolerates those flowers stuck on elastic. Granted, he only lets me set them ontop of his head for a picture, never fully on him. For such cooperation though, he is always rewarded with a juice box of his choice. I swear, that two-year-old would do absolutely anything for juice! I really should convince him to vacuum the rugs, and swiffer the floors - I'd let him have a juice box per task!

I say that now, I'd regret it once he was sugared up.

Maybe I can convert him to lemon water, and he'll do chores for a less sugary treat. I could than attempt to convert Naomi into a headband wearing toddler! Neither of them are probably a realistic concept, but either way I will continue to pretend Daycen cleans up after himself (yes, I do see my mother cleaning up his toys while he continues to play with his cars. I just block it out of my memory thank you very much.) and I'll make believe Naomi enjoys her headbands. (even though she rips them off her head as soon as I snap a picture.)

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Life with Kaishon said...

Awwwwwww. I love little headbands on girls! I hope she comes around soon : ) What a fun post. So cute!