Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Ever since Daycen was born I dreamed of having play dates with other kids. I waited in anticipation for my friends to have children of their own - for the most part, they never did. So, as he grew older, I began to make new friends with lovely ladies that already had kids in hopes to socialize my son a little more. Even with my progress, I still fell short of actually getting play dates set together (except with my one friend when she would come over for coffee with her son, but those play dates were more for me.) This year, I plan on organizing as many play dates as I possibly can, including large group play dates. I'm quite thrilled with the whole idea.

So to start things off right, Last night we had a play date with my niece at my mother's house. It consisted of colorful caterpillars, an old school fisher-price kitchen, & a whole lot of laughter. Each time that we get together with Naomi & her mother, it seems like Daycen has more & more fun. He's actually getting familiar with her & it seems they might start playing with each other than beside each other. To be honest, whatever way they want to play is perfectly fine with me - as long as everyone is enjoying themselves! I know that I fully enjoy having a warm cup of coffee with good company while the kids destroy the house.

If every night could be like this I'd take it. Seriously. I can't believe how much I love watching my sons social skills bloom. I just wish I would have had the ambition to do this sooner.

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Anonymous said...

Well I for a fact know your life these last 7 months have been rather hectic but now let the play dates for the children start! I look forward to seeing the pictures!!! I love Daycen and Ripsey so much! I enjoy this and miss seeing you guys all the time! Sending love to you all!!! Mary