Monday, January 10, 2011


In this society there is a lot of Monday hate, especially the mornings. You hear people complain about it constantly - I guess if you had a weekday job that you hated this day would be sort of a downer. In our humble home, we LOVE Monday mornings. Normalcy sets in again; Andy goes back to work for the week, the routines set in, & despite my hate for cleaning - I feel rejuvenated from the weekend of sleep (since Andy watches Ripsi most of the evenings during the weekends) that I feel as if I could tackle anything!

This morning was no different than any other, the sun greeted us when we came down the steps & both kids seemed to be in great moods. We had laundry tumbling nearby as Me & Daycen baked up some cranberry bread muffins for our afternoon play-date. Ripsi enjoyed some tummy-time in the sunlight that came through the foyer windows. The smells, the sounds, the atmosphere is something I couldn't & wouldn't trade in for anything!

This Monday is particularly great because Daycen is beginning to be slightly interested in his baby sister. Well... perhaps he is just reconnecting with a few of his old baby items, but either way, the fact that he gets semi-close to her is a miracle. This itself is a WHOLE other story, but we won't get into that today.

I'm content. You may be one of those people who hate Mondays, but we absolutely look forward to them. I feel the difference might be comparable to how Ripsi feels about tummy-time verse how her brother felt about it...

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