Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I'm not going to lie. In this household, if you LOVE something you overdue it. There is what seems like thousands upon thousands of toy cars scattered across the living room floor, ruffles & tulle cover half of my daughter's closet, the hours spent playing world of warcraft by my husband probably equal my son's age, & of course there is always bags randomly placed throughout the house from my terrible shopping addiction. My son also has these crazy obsession issues with food - milk, juice, pretzels, any sort of fruit, eggs ....

but most of all - macaroni & cheese.

He'd eat this stuff til it came out of his ears if I'd let him. I can assure you, he isn't picky either - Kraft, Annies, Velveeta, Stoffers, Noodles & Company - he'll devour any & all of it. Hell, he even loves the Chef Boyardee stuff that comes out of a can. (Seriously though, mac & cheese in a can?! Can that even be GOOD? It just doesn't seem very fresh to me.) I'd have to say, on a weekly average, he probably has some sort of macaroni & cheese four times.

Of course, when I came across a Macaroni & Cheese shirt, I was instantly in love.

What a perfect way to show the world his love for this dish. Not to mention, what better way to overdue it.

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