Friday, January 7, 2011


Life to Death.
Newborn to Elder.

The cycle of life just keeps going, no matter what. We are in the age of immortality, with all these Vampire movies & television shows, people seem to forget that life doesn't last forever. I'm not particularly into these types of media, but I still forget quite often that we aren't guaranteed tomorrow.

My grandfather passed away on New Years Day. He lived to be 94 and in all those years changed SO many lives (for the better). I was proud to be able to say I was his granddaughter, that my kids were his great-grandkids. He was a spitfire, a clever man from the day that I met him. He warmed the hearts of many, despite sometimes being stubborn everyone loved him.

He had a passion for making ugly things beautiful - showing it's true beauty to the world. He would take what seemed like ordinary rocks to me & you - cut them open, polish them, & make them into amazing jewelry pieces. Most of this pieces were lost in his 1999 house fire, however, a handful of those were saved, cleaned up, & in the homes of his family. One of those is in my possession. It survived not one, but two house fires. I'm lucky to have it, as I was lucky to have him in my life all these years.

Thank you, Grandpa for everything. We love you.

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