Thursday, January 6, 2011

RITZY BABY {product review}

Finally! After three months of waiting our Ritzy Baby carseat cover has arrived! The second I laid my eyes on the package, I was thrilled - it felt like Christmas all over again. (even though the package was supposed to be on the books to ship November 18th, it for some reason had been pushed back & was delivered a couple days after the new year) I had been looking at Ritzy Baby products online for months now, even saw the cotton candy print from a customer who had purchased it in a boutique in Texas. I was hesitant about spending $99 on a carseat cover when you could purchase a new seat entirely for that price. Though, I've learned, you only live once - you will always make more money so I treated myself (and Ripsi of course!) to a designer carseat cover.

The construction of the product is solid. The sew lines appear straight, & there isn't any loose strings - even though it's a small company, it isn't poorly put together. The material is of good quality, & the fact that it is reversible to just pink allows alternate looks for different occasions. The creator/president, Bridgette, offers great customer service. She is willing to go out of her way to help construct the product you are looking for. (since the cotton candy print was nowhere to be found, she offered to custom make it for me since she had all the fabrics still available.)

The product is absolutely gorgeous. I feel great carrying it on my arm, & love the compliments we receive from strangers.

However, with ever product review, there is complaints. I stressed wanted the car seat before my daughter was born, or at least by her due date. It did not arrive, & two weeks after I contacted the customer service to see where the status was on it. On December 1st I was told it would ship within one week. It didn't come until a month later. When I opened the box I was immediately disappointed, the product was beautiful but it WASN'T the exact product ordered. It was the same overall print, however the reverse side wasn't a pinky minky material & the ruffle was satin not pink polka dot.

This is the original cotton candy fabric, which is what I stressed I wanted.
I understand it was a custom order, but if they didn't have the exact fabrics it would have been nice to know before spending $99 on it.

So overall, is Ritzy Baby worth the money? Yes. It's a beautiful car seat cover & draws plenty of good attention to us. Is it worth the hassle? probably not. The website is NOT up to date, there is items listed that are out of stock that they cannot make, but you can add to your cart & purchase. Which will cause a lot of headache to the buyer. Not to mention, if you are going to spend that kind of money on something you expect to get what you originally asked for, not a similar version of it.


Alyssa Ashley said...

I guess it's a good thing they don't have super cute ones for boys (story of my life) like one that's blue with owls or other forest animals because I'd have to get one. I'd love to be able to get the Little Hoot car seat and stroller but we still have Carter's car seat and stroller (even though they're pretty beat up) so that's not happening. I love Ripsi's though!

Ashley said...

that is adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

Although the items are cute, the customer service is horrible. My daughter had to wait 3 months longer than the carseat cover was promised and then when it came it was not as promised. The owner was very rude when my daughter was unhappy that the over $200 she had paid did not get her the modifications that were stated and shown in a picture to her. I have ordered many custom items on line and have never had to deal with the unprofessional and rudeness of a company like this. Purchase elsewhere! There are a lot of good companies out there. This is not one of them.

Brooke said...

I completely agree with the previous comment about the customer service. I bought the car seat cover and matching blanket. We spent about $300. They had put my daughters name on the blanket, but had put the large ritzy baby tag under the name instead of on the opposite side. After talking to the owner, he said it should have never gone out like that, yet he wanted me to take it somewhere and have it fixed instead of sending it back. I was not okay with someone else fixing it because I was afraid it would mess up the product. I insisted on sendig it back and having then remove it from the blanket. They did and sent it back to me; the only problem was that it left a mark where the tag was. I called back and the owner was unwilling to help us anymore or rectify the problem further. i asked that they either remake the blanket or refund our money. he said he wouldnt be doing either of those. He was very rude about it and was trying to constantly talk over me. I'm very dissatisfied with the rudeness of the owner who could care less about the satisfaction of his customers. I think it speaks volumes when they won't back up their products. I would never have expected this type of customer service from the owner. I will never order anything from this company again. Go elsewhere!!! If you want fantastic bedding, go to Love Bug Baby Bedding! Amber is fantastic and I will order from them again on the next one!