Thursday, January 20, 2011


Every Thursday morning Daycen gets a visit from a speech therapist. (Don't get me wrong! The kid can TALK! He just isn't putting his words together quite like their "typical" child does.)He is enrolled in a state funded program called birth to three where their mission is to make sure children under three are reaching all their milestones. At first, I was skeptical about this program - but honestly, I'm not the one to question something if it may help my child advance in the future. Do I think she is helping him speak? Maybe a little, but nothing compared to the hours our family puts in daily. Sometimes, he just doesn't care what Mommy wants - so, it's nice having an outside source come in to reinforce the behavior.

If it wasn't free to us, would he be enrolled? Definitely not. I don't see it as a necessity because Daycen IS talking, & he IS getting his needs across to everyone. He just ISN'T saying sentences without being prompted. (or the "p" sound in front of words, but that's by choice. Since he can say "APPLE" perfectly.) I see it more as a play date, and it would be one EXPENSIVE play date at that. However, since it is a free service, & I'm not one to stand in the way of helping him excel.

Plus, one on one learning lessons between Mommy & Daycen are quite amazing!

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Love the upside down pics!