Monday, January 24, 2011

THE BIG TWO! {months that is}

I'm almost reluctant to write this post because it only proves my baby girl is getting bigger. Time is just slipping between my fingers & I can't seem to adjust the speed. Things just seem to go so much faster with the second child (including pregnancy! Yes, those nine months came & went too quickly!) I just can't believe it's already been two months, that's 8 weeks, or 61 days.

I'm in awe at how advanced she is compared to her brother at the same age. He sort of just laid there & flailed his arms all day long. He was your typical conception of a new baby. Ripsi however, she acts like she is much older than she actually is. She's been steadily holding her head up for quite sometime now, has been able to focus & follow objects for as long as I can remember, & coos back at you when you talk to her. She's just nailing every milestone - which could be why it seems like time is flying by. I have a feeling she is going to be an early walker compared to her brother - which means, the baby stage isn't going to visit us for very long.

Miss Aripsemae Ann, you sure are a gift from above.
We are blessed to have you apart of our family.


Deanna said...

hey! this is deanna. (no_mix_of_words)

i totally agree about time flying by even faster with two kids. i'm afraid i'm going to wake up one day and they'll be in college already. :-/

Megan Darling said...

Aww, 8 weeks already?! It's so true, the second pregnancy reallly does go by faster! So do the weeks after they're here. Tallulah is nearly 3 weeks old and all I can think already is "where is the time going?!"

She is just too gorgeous of a little girl ♥ I want to pack Tallulah up and come where you are so they can hang out, lol! I love her little sweater, so precious!