Thursday, January 13, 2011


Mornings are beautiful things.

Before my daughter was born, I missed the early mornings. Daycen has been quite a night owl since the day that he was born. He stays up til eleven & sleep through til nearly ten every morning. (That's almost the afternoon, y'all!) Baby Sister is completely different - she sleeps four hours at max, and enjoys being up to watch the sunrise.

At first, I was MISERABLE. My body wasn't use to these 5:30 wake up calls. I barely could keep my eyes open when I gave her the morning bottle, I just stared down at her bright eyes wondering to myself, "How can you be THIS awake?!" As the days turned into weeks, I became familiar with this routine. My body began adjusting - I'd even awake before her sometimes. (Surprise! I know I sure was.)

I absolutely love the sunlight that floods in my bedroom windows as the morning welcomes us. During these cold winter months, my body starts to crave the warm blanket the sun offers. I'm starting to enjoy mornings. You heard me right, I am falling head over heels! I've even debated the idea of trying to get Daycen to get up this early with us...

but for now, I just want to enjoy this as a mother/daughter time. Since it's because of her I learned exactly how beautiful the beginning of the days are.

I normally don't participate in these type of things, but I thought it's a fabulous idea. ♥

Thank you, Emily.


emily said...

oh sheesh, i love this post.

such beautiful pictures and words.

glad you could join us :)

Mom2One said...

Love the quiet of the morning. The warmth of the sun, and having little toes to pinch first thing in the morning. I'm your newest follower! Great blog!

Edie S. said...

Oh sweet baby girl! This is a beautiful post! I was just thinking about how I need to change my attitude towards early mornings and take advantage of them to their fullest. I drifted your way from Emily's ETC post.

kim rakes said...

this entry is the sweetest. i have a soft spot for early mornings too, but mostly because my daughters are still asleep and it is my quiet time. regardless, there is nothing quite like the bond between mother and daughter, is there?