Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I believe that Daycen has been spending way too much time visiting BAKERELLA with me. It seems he's gotten the itch to bake again - it could have been caused by this cold weather that's hit us the past couple days. We are planning to get crafty and recreate THESE adorable cupcake shakes for Baby Sister's birthday. (I am already planning her first birthday & she's only 8 weeks old. A little crazy, right?) Until then, we've decided to stick to a simple boxed mix of cranberry bread muffins.

Ever since he was little, (not that he isn't STILL little...) he's always had an extreme interest in baking. More or less, mixing the batter with the whisk. (He wasn't so thrilled that I got pre-made cookie dough for our Christmas cookies.) I've always let him attempt it for the most part. We almost always ended up with 8 muffins instead of 12 but that was okay. He had fun. This past birthday he made his own birthday cake. Which I made the mistake of letting our guests know & we had too much left over. I guess knowing a two-year-old made it could have been a turn off - They don't know what they missed because it was delish!

Trust me, these were delicious too! I even convinced my father (who hates baked goods) to try one & he agreed. Daycen is a fabulous boxed muffin maker! I can't wait til we graduate to from scratch goodies so he can get really crafty.

Don't worry! Baking must be in our genes because Ripsi is already practicing her whisk grip!

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kim rakes said...

how sweet and DELCIOUS! we have been bit by the baking bug around here too! i think we are going to try and bake a little something every tuesday. sweet tooth tuesdays i suppose ;]