Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Remember how I mentioned that Daycen wants absolutely NOTHING to do with baby sister?

Well, that hasn't changed too much. He finally acknowledges that she exisits (yes, you'd ask him how his baby sister was & he'd look at you like you were CRAZY. He's even responded with "Nu-uhh?" a handful of times.) Infact, he'll even tell you her name now. He says "ipsi", we aren't even going to attempt to teach him her full name! That crazy look would return to his face & I've had just about enough of it!

He's become a big help when it comes to taking care of her as well. When she is crying he'll bring her random things; her blanket, her pacifier, some diapers & wipes. To be honest, I don't know if he is trying to make her feel better, or just get her to shut up! Either way, it's a big improvement than just blocking her out. I've even noticed that Daycen has memorized Ripsi's favorite swing settings, he'll even switch them for me if I try different music or speed. Trust me, repetition is good but can get rather annoying listening to sounds of the womb consistently.

He'll do all this and more - he just won't touch her. There seems to be this invisible line that he won't cross. Almost as if she is encased in a plexi glass case that only Daycen can see. I'm just thrilled there has been some progress over the past couple weeks.

I think they'll be the best of friends.
It just might take some time... or a lot of time.

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Alyssa Ashley said...

To be honest, I don't know if he is trying to make her feel better, or just get her to shut up!

Love this! I know that's going to be Carter when baby brother is here. Every time he hears a baby crying or sees one on tv, he says "oh no, baby crying" and "it's okay". But I'm sure when baby brother is here, he's going to be doing whatever it takes to get him to just shut the hell up, not necessarily to comfort him. I'm definitely wondering how he's going to react. I'm sure it'll be similar to Daycen since they're close in age. We talk about baby brother in my belly now and he points to my belly and says "baby brother" and gives my belly kisses, but I don't think he really understands what that means. At day care they ask him sometimes, "Carter do you have a baby brother yet?" and he gives them a funny look but I have a feeling after baby brother is born and at home when they ask, he'll be like "no baby brother!" and all mad about it. lol, what can you do. They'll get over it eventually. I've been thinking about it more and more as the day gets closer though and that's one thing that always gets me all emotional is thinking of Carter being sad or mad or something and like I'm abandoning him and then I start crying. It's stupid because every kid who has a sibling goes through it at some point, I just don't want Carter to be hurt or anything. I think I'm just being pregnant and overly sensitive, lol.

I think we have that same bouncer from Carter. We were able to clean it up from the flooding this summer and it looks like it's okay now (I hope). I have that and the travel swing and I loved them both. We still have that big Graco swing too. Hopefully this one will like it as much as Carter did! It was a lifesaver for us!