Monday, January 17, 2011

DOUBLE THE LOVE. {Liam & Tatum}

I'm not a professional photographer by any means, but I absolutely LOVE taking pictures. I've never ran into anyone or anything thing that I was afraid to photograph until the other day. My friend brought over her beautiful almost one month old twin babies. I was thrilled! I anticipated a million different poses for the two of them, that is - until I saw them. They are only 5 pounds. (Which is siginificantly smaller than any baby I've ever met. I'd have to say the closest thing to their size that I've held is our Chihuahua. Infact, I think he is even heavier than them!) I'm not going to lie to you, these two sent a wave of fear through me! - I lifted them from where they were sleeping in the pack & play & set them of the blankets the EXACT way they were laying in there. I was afraid to move them, to pose them, I didn't know exactly what to do with them! I had no idea what little bodies born seven weeks early could take.

I walked away with a few pictures that I liked, but nothing spectacular. I wasn't going to push my limits, or theirs. I'm thankful for the opportunity to meet these two while they were so young, & hopefully will have a million chances in the future to photograph them again. I am absolutely not a professional, I maybe someday, but for today - I'll just learn & grow.

Here is the size comparison to my not so itzy bitzy almost two month old daughter.

I give all props to their lovely mother. I know as a child I thought it would be AMAZING to have twin babies - oh how naive I was at seven! I can't imagine how much life would flip upside down having two hungry, needy newborns around every second of the day. I'm so thankful I was only blessed with one miracle at a time. (because she sure is a handful by herself!)


danielle said...

I remember the first 5 months were the hardest. Twins can be challenging but once you got a schedule down, it gets better.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the pics! They turned our awesome. I will let you photograph them any time you want.

kim rakes said...

awe, babies are tough, for sure! i photographed a newborn this week too. a couple tips: a bean bag chair, a space heater, and one of those calming noise makers can do wonders! but it looks like these babies didn't even let out a squeal! lucky girl! (: