Thursday, July 14, 2011


It amazes me how much a child at the age of Three retains information. I had causally told Daycen that on his birthday he could possibly go to Sweet Lola's for his birthday & get a special cupcake. The second he awoke yesterday morning with his eyes wide, he exclaimed, "CUPCAKE?!"

Oh goodness. Yes. We will be getting one of those tasty treats.

However, before we left I insisted he do all the early morning birthday rituals. The Birthday dance, the card opening, all that jazz.

He rushed through it all. Yet, how could you blame him? These beauties were waiting not too far away...

Overly large, delicious cupcakes!

He was the happiest little guy ever. Despite a could mishaps, our experience at the bakeshop was absolutely fantastic. I'd love to take him more often, since $2.75 isn't a bad price for a single cupcake. However, the headache of two babies in a public place by myself was a little bit more to handle than desired.

I'd love to go once a month though, anyone want to come & handle one of my children?!

Either way, he enjoyed his birthday cupcake yesterday & the leftovers of it this morning for breakfast. (that's right! Sweet Lola's two mornings in a row! What a treat!) Be sure to stop into Sweet Lola's on your birthday & try one of their delicious signature cupcakes for free! I promise, you won't regret it!


Sammi said...


i just love the packaging :)

pakosta said...

happy birthday to your little guy! he's soooo CUTE!
those look YUMMY!
I wish I lived close, I would come help with those cute babies and bring my older girls to help!

Anonymous said...

I would love a cupcake from there. They look delicious.

If I were closer I'd gladly watch a little one for you.