Tuesday, July 19, 2011

THE ANIMAL HAVEN ZOO. { a strange mix }

This past weekend we took our annual trip to the zoo for Daycen's birthday. The past two years we have gone to The New Zoo in Green Bay & have loved every second of it. This year, per my husband's request, we chose a different zoo to venture to. There was a tiny zoo 8 miles east of Waupaca, one that nobody else has seemed to have heard of. However, the webpage said they had zebras! Yes, zebras! The one animal we have yet to see in person. Only because of this, the zoo was our winner.

The second we pulled into the parking lot, I felt my heart drop. There was a small building that was gated in, & through the gate you could view.... goats. Yes, regular old farm goats. I held my breathe, wanting to scream, "NO WAY!" I wanted to hit reverse so fast, bite the bullet & drive the extra miles to the New Zoo. I, however, decided to adapt to change. To not judge things by it's cover & show the children a positive experience.

I paid our $16 admission fee & headed outside towards the animal exhibits. A wave of relief washed over me when I saw the big cats in the distance. We were going to see zoo animals! Not, farm animals!

It wasn't as clean as a normal zoo. It sort of felt cruel looking through the cages at the animals instead of through the normal plexi glass. Yet, we had a fantastic experience. Daycen loved the goats & the tiger. As for Ripsi, she had no preference & loved them all. I got to see the zebra & my husband got a different zoo. We were all happy.

But next year, we plan to return to the Green Bay Zoo. Let's be honest, we are too high maintenance for a petting zoo mixed with wild cats. We need our giraffes & our penguins. =)


Sammi said...

At least you all had a good time in the end. Love the picture of you and Ripsi xx

pakosta said...

is this DeYoung Zoo?
I live soooo close to there, I just moved here from near Chicago (only 5 weeks ago)...have yet to make it there, but my girls went with my brother and they got to hold a baby monkey. Also it's owned by a couple who just LOVE LOVE LOVE animals....they are treated better than any "real" zoo from what I have heard! their Chimpanzee lives IN THE HOUSE! DeYoung is about 45 minutes north of GreenBay~!
where do you guys live?!