Friday, April 22, 2011


When you can get a carton of large eggs for .78 cents it is a good day at the grocery store. All winter long it seemed as if we were paying upwards of a 1.50 per carton, & now with the season of dying Easter eggs upon us the stores finally decided to give us a break on the cost of eggs! We've literally been eating them non-stop for the past three weeks. There is about three dozen chilling in our fridge currently - some raw & some boiled. All waiting for the moment we bring them out & crack them open.

Daycen has gotten a bit bored with the same old thing each & every morning. It's either; boiled, scrambled, or fried with a broken yolk. We've even shaped them to give a different appearance. However, he was still unimpressed after day fourteen.

So what does a typical kid do when he is bored with eating?!

Play with it, of course!

Even though eggs is the last thing he'd want to be eating, he was still hungry. Lunch time seems like eternity away - so, playing & eating seemed like a good idea. At least he could pretend it wasn't a by-now half cold chunk of egg.

To be honest, car driving eggs are much tastier than regular ones!

Have a great Good Friday everyone! And for your information, we had a bowl of cereal this morning since we both were fed up with the idea of eggs!

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