Tuesday, April 12, 2011


We finally took the double stroller out as a family! I think my husband was quite impressed with my purchase since it fit nicely in the trunk (with room to spare!), was easy to control & simple to use. We headed to our local park for a children's festival that was WAY too crowded that we came to agreement that it would be much funner to just play on the park equipment for a little while instead.

The kids enjoyed to be outside, even though the air was brisk. My husband on the other hand, wasn't so fond of it. He kept making comments about it being cold outside. (He wasn't the one in a skirt though! I barely had any goosebumps!)

By the playground equipment there was this little fellow! The critters in our park sure are friendly since I was able to get pretty close & personal with this guy. Too bad he wouldn't let me pick him up & take him home! I sure would have loved having this little guy keeping us company & helping us eat our peanuts! Maybe next time we can convince him to come home with us.

As soon as Daycen was let out of the stroller, he ran to the play equipment & climbed the steps. He was down the slid in seconds. His voice echoing through the trees with excitement. He repeated this action over & over & over again.


Of course, until baby sister had just about enough of sitting in her now soiled pants & made us head back to the car.

We'll be going back real soon. I promise.

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1 comment:

Megan Darling said...

Oh how fun! Dallas is the same way with slides, it almost gives me whiplash trying to watch him go down and then climb back up them so fast ;D

She's getting so big and is just too, too gorgeous! ♥