Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Sunday was Daycen's very first Easter egg hunt. It happened to be extremely cold & windy that the small plastic eggs were rolling across the parking lot to the corners. So, the kids just needed to go over to the curb & begin collecting. There was also bags of Teddy Grahams & Smarties scattered through the empty lot.

Unlike most of the other kids who were giddy over the candies inside the plastic eggs, my son was thrilled with the idea that there was bags of Teddy Grahams all over the place. He ran from one bag to the next; picking up an egg here & there.

I've never seen so many large smiles & red noses as I did with all the kids that showed up to the event. It was awfully nice of my husband's work to put so much time & money into the egg hunt. I know we had a great time, and I hope the other families there were just as happy with the turn out as we were.

All I know, is seeing a happy face like this made my Sunday afternoon.

I hope everyone is enjoying their pre-Easter festivities, even if there is still snow lingering in your part of town. (Thank you, Wisconsin weather for delivering us a handful last night. We'd really enjoy it if you'd stop & let Spring join us for longer than a week.)

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