Monday, April 18, 2011


We hardly ever go OUT to eat anywhere. Yeah, from time to time we'll hit the drive-thru for a quick snack but to actual take both children inside to eat. Unheard of. However, this past week, Grandma was up for the challenge.

We headed into Wendy's, the second the menu came into view Daycen let out a wail. "SANDWICH!" "FRENCH FRIES!"


Our order was small, but it included one of those 99 cent vanilla frosty's. The thick creamy treat was enough to put a large grin across Daycen's face. He ran around the dining area, squealing with joy until he climbed on the padded chair, awaiting his food to be delivered to the table. He nibbled on his hamburger, & sampled a few of the new sea salt french fries.

"ALL DONE!" He threw the ketchup to the floor (thank you grandma for cleaning it up!)

Onto the satisfying treat.

I'm pretty sure if Wendy's gave out rewards for the most annoying customer of the day, we would have gotten it. We were only in the resturant for less than a half hour and had food littered on the floor, neighboring customers glaring at us because of the loud wails coming from our table, & ice cream dripped on the table tops. Yet, it was a great time. I just don't think we'll be doing this adventure that often - taking the food to go is probably the best idea.

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