Wednesday, September 15, 2010

ON THE FARM {lindsey's birthday}

With all the rain that we are getting today, I look back on this weekend & smile. Sunday was an absolutely beautiful day. We spent the early part of the morning avoiding the crowds for art in the park since with a two year old, we figured our best bet was to stay away from expensive artwork. Unless of course, you'd like to go with us next year and pay for that broken canvas that costs $360 because I'd sure LOVE to go. Anyways, this post isn't about missing out on gazing at masterpieces, it's about our first trip to the farm.

We headed out to the M farm for my brother's girlfriend's birthday gathering. This was the first time Daycen has met Lindsey's family, as well as stepped foot on an actual farm. Despite all of our fears, he was on his best behavior - infact, he turned into this perfect angel. I'm still trying to figure out the switch that turns on the sweet two-year-old because some days, I get sick of the wild, squealing, I have WAY too much energy one that is normally clung to my leg.

My husband was thrilled over the meal that was served; fresh roasted ham. Nothing like treating him to Christmas/Easter dinner early. I really should thank Lindsey's mother for the wonderful meal - I won't have to whip anything fancy up for quite awhile since it's now out of his system with the 13 pieces he gobbled down. Daycen on the other hand is still demanding fancy feasts from me; good thing his only consists of hot dogs mixed with macaroni & cheese.

After dinner, they brought out the baby kittens. The second they were on the floor, Daycen started to strangle them in attempt to pick them up. Thank goodness it didn't take him long to realize they were alive! It would have been just our luck to never be invited to another function because our son killed the kittens.

Once the babies were packed up, we allowed Daycen to enjoy the fresh air outside. Fortunately for us, there was another cat outside that he took fancy too. He spent the whole time chasing the poor thing around the yard. They seemed to be best friends, even when the cat rubbed itself up against him. A little fur in the face never hurt anyone, right?

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