Tuesday, September 7, 2010


We don't live in a really LARGE city, but I wouldn't say we lived in a tiny one either. The best thing about living in a town our size is they do all those little festivals that smaller towns do, but we have most of the amenities of the big city life. It has also been brought to our attention that the smaller the city, the less BOOM they can produce for their festivals. I guess the community funds just are not there.

On Labor Day, we headed to a small town twenty minutes west of ours for their Fun Days celebration. Which basically is a tiny carnival. This was our first out of town festival, & boy, were we taken back by how downsized it was from our normal activities.

For those of you who have awesome small town festivals, congrats. You should send a how-to list to this town.

On the left, is our pick-a-duck carnival game. The right, shows you theirs.

The left is our delicious cheese curds with hand-dipped batter, the right - theirs.

Not to mention, 85% of our festivals have animals.

We made the best of the evening despite it wasn't exactly what we expected. Infact, their snow cone was EXTREMELY disappointing. I wish I hadn't wasted the $3 on it because it had barely any flavor. If I wanted ice, I would have opened our freezer when I got home. So, Our lesson for this past weekend, before you take a road trip to another town - research it. Otherwise, you'll be craving a good snow cone til your town throws their carnival next year.

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