Friday, April 8, 2011


On occasion, I'll have to work a double on the weekends & my little family will come up between shifts to have dinner with me. Recently, was the first one since Ripsi was born that they have done this - I thought there would be lots of yelling, crying & cold food. I was very wrong! The kids were absolutely great!

Aripsemae spent the entire time watching one of the plasma televisions in the food court. Daycen nibbled on Andy's bourbon chicken, asking repeatedly for different vegetables. We didn't think twice about this since he is very fond of his veggies.

After awhile I noticed Daycen was paying a lot of attention to his matchbox car - a little too much attention. He was asking for a vegetable from dad, once obtained he open his car door & stuffed it inside. Pea after carrot and carrot after pea - every single one all went inside!

It was the perfect distraction to a 12 hour work day. I enjoyed hanging out with them on my break, however, I am choosing to avoid this situation in the future. All day away from my children is WAY too much for me.

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