Wednesday, February 16, 2011

THE WINTER FESTIVAL {formerly known as sled dog days}

Earlier in the month we attended WILLOW SPRINGS GARDEN'S winter festivities. For the past two years we have been attending nearly every one of their functions, which in turn the profit from these events go to restoring the round barn that is on site. So, not only are we having a blast but we are helping restore a beautiful part of the area's history. I'll admit, because I was married on the grounds of Willow Springs there is a soft spot in my heart, as well as for the lovely couple that runs it.

Lucky for us, the weather was beautiful this weekend. (Yet, not as beautiful as it is outside right now! Yikes! Do you see all that melting snow?!) The dogs were energetic, which in turn made Daycen wild. I'm almost positive that his laughter could be heard miles away! We were limited for time though, and wanted to enjoy the other activities inside the townhouse so we only watched one dog sled run. (They were literally racing all afternoon into dusk! If you love this type of activity you really should consider attending next year!)

They both forgot their boots at home! At least Andy carried Daycen so we only had one pair of wet socks!

Once inside the townhouse I enjoyed a nice warm cup of coffee, while the boys indulged in a freshly made hot dog. After our snacks, we partook in some of the contests they were running - we tried to win a bird feeder, as well as the coloring contest for the stuffed dogs. (I have a feeling we didn't win, I've been checking my phone for days and we haven't received a congratulatory voicemail.)

We left the festival with smiles on our face, warm treats in our stomaches & a bag full of puppy dog chow. (Which I wasn't going to share, but broke down to large blue eyes and a poorly spoken "please". It sounded more like cheese, but it melted my heart either way.)

The Spring festival is at the end of April. Mark your calenders & join us!


Deanna said...

whenever i make puppy chow it lasts about one day around here. it's so addicting!

leane said...

maybe my next visit will be the end of april so i can play at one of these festivals.