Friday, January 28, 2011


Having a Baby Sister born in the middle of winter can be quite a damper to a two-year-old boy who loves to enjoy the outdoors. Due to scheduling issues, there is no way the little guy can catch a break & play out in the mountains of snow in our backyard. He has recently been gazing out the windows for the past few days & it's starting to get to me. However, Baby sister is too small to go outside for a long period of time so I needed to come up with a way to please both of them.

The best way to cure severe cabin fever (without going outside, of course!) is to bring the outdoors inside! I snuck outside for a second to scoop some of the snow that was on our front porch railing into a large mixing bowl. The best way to avoid a messy clean up is just plopping it into the bathtub. That way, as it melts, it goes down the drain instead of making a puddle on the floor. (although, don't get me wrong, splashing in a puddle in the middle of the living room would be a fantastic.)

Our experience consisted of making the snow "fall" as he pulled it out of the bowl & released it over his head. As well as a lot of those handfuls went straight for the mouth! (Thank goodness I got the cleanest snow I could find! Yikes!) After about twenty minutes of this, Daycen exited the bathroom - snow inside his shoes, both legs of his pants drenched, & enough snow in his hair it looked like he'd been standing in a blizzard. He wasn't freezing cold, but there was a smile the has froze to his face & it stayed there the rest of the afternoon.

Today we are supposed to get four to five more inches of snow. We plan to stay inside with a warm bowl of soup all afternoon. If you plan to do the same, I have another awesome inside activity you can do with your children. Our Kleenex Box Cars were featured over at Simple As That yesterday. Head on over there & check them out!


leane said...

I want to come play in the snow with d! You and Ripsi can sit inside and watch us! ;)

I thought you said D wouldn't do crafts? He seems to be having a blast.

Brooke Leigh said...

Leane - He is actually starting to do crafts! It all started with those silly bath tub crayons, & now he is obsessed! We are making something this afternoon for valentine's day actually. He's just warming up from his bath & we are tackling the project.

kim rakes said...

can i just say that i love that daycen has such long hair! it suits him well. also, i am dying to make the car craft yall did. simple project with things we have around the house= my kind of project

Smile Steady said...

What a fantastic idea- and it looks like it worked like a charm! You've got some super cute kiddos.