Thursday, December 30, 2010


I meant to post this, & our Christmas adventures awhile ago but my ENTIRE family has been sick since the eve of. We are finally starting to get ourselves shaken off, & ready for the end of the year festivities.

New house. New baby sister. New fireplace. New stockings. New everything.

This year was the first of many Christmas' to come. It was the first time our new home got to feel the love our family radiates. A house, that sat empty & cold for nearly a year was graced with it's own Christmas present - a family. A family with a past that has taught them that every second counts, every moment is to be cherished, nothing is to be taken for granted. I honestly believe if these walls could talk they'd thank us over & over again for choosing them, but it's a mutual thing. We are as grateful for this house, as it maybe to have a family that loves every creak & crack.

I can speak for my entire family - we LOVE this house. After two months it has already won our hearts over. Even though we are starting new Christmas traditions, there is no way I will ever forget the happiness that we've felt in the past. The memories will stick in my mind forever, but for my sons sake, I needed visual reminders. So, we covered our mantel full of the greatest winter memories that we've created together as a family. Each year, more pictures will be added to the wall - some put into a folder til next year for their chance to shine through the holiday season.

I also wanted to point out Baby sister's stocking. I searched all over for a cute girly stocking like her brother's. I'll be honest with you - after four websites, I was done. After searching TJ Maxx in two cities, I was done. It was WAY too time-consuming so I decided to put my non-existent sewing skills to work to create a stocking for her... Ruffles & Rosettes. You can't go wrong with that combination, right?

I hope this year, everyone made memories worthy of wallpapering the walls with. I know we did.

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Anonymous said...

As we shall never forget the love that filled the First Ave home. The memories we all shared are truely priceless! I know the christmas present we got from your dad was truely the best christmas present we have ever gotten! I love it and I miss our first ave home but thru all this we have all gotten stronger and were taught that day that things are just that things. But people are irreplaceable. I am so glad for you and Andy and the children for your beautiful new home. Just as I and Pat have recieved a new home also. God truely works in mysterious ways. I am glad to have you and all your family as my family also! Thank you so much! We love you's all dearly!!!!!